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About us

THE LACE is a brand of feminine and laconic clothes, created by a married couple Albina and Igor Krasnykh in 2016 in Kiev. THE LACE (from English - lace) - the first models of dresses were decorated with lace, in addition, lace is the embodiment of femininity and sophistication, this is the whole essence of our brand: to emphasize the best in girls. Not long ago our brand celebrated its second anniversary and we are very happy that during this time we managed to: open the doors of our cozy showrooms in Kiev and Lviv; spread our philosophy to our 71K followers on Instagram; launch our online store to please girls from other cities and countries; received lots of positive feedback; gathered a small, but most cohesive and creative team; presented our limited edition collection FW 2018-19 during Lviv Fashion Week.

Albina has been the creative director from the beginning of the brand's existence until today. "Unfortunately, I don't have a specialized education, in the past I was an economist. But the most important thing in any business is an irresistible desire and inspiration. Creating our first dress I relied only on my own taste and vision. That's why THE LACE for me is first and foremost a reflection of my inner world."

In the collections of the brand one can trace a single concept, namely, relaxed silhouettes, graceful midi length, interesting prints and laconic cut. All things are saturated with femininity and elegance, and they also perfectly combine with each other. "Of course, we analyze world trends, but the most important thing for us is to stay true to ourselves. Every THE LACE collection is a reflection of the brand's philosophy and values."

It is very important to us that our customers feel special and feel cared for by us. To this end, we periodically produce limited edition collections. To do this, we go to Italy to select exclusive fabrics ourselves and learn from the experience of world leaders. Often one-of-a-kind pieces are sewn, which is how we guarantee our customers' authenticity.

THE LACE girl is free from prejudice, sensual and creative. She knows that she is beautiful and endowed with a special charm. For her, clothes are an extension of her inner world and are designed to highlight her natural beauty.


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